About This Website

by Black Pete

This website was handcrafted from recycled pixels by Black Pete - passionate Golden Bay tramper, nature photographer, retired web designer and hippy.

Basically, I got paid to be a tourist in the Abel Tasman region(!). Lots of sightseeing and mega amounts of tramping got me the fittest I've ever been in my life - and then I spent an insane amount of time sitting behind a computer, building this website, and turning back into a lazy slob.

And now, the job is done. This is the last page. The one I've been waiting for. Now I'm free to go back to doing what I love most... I'm off tramping. First, in the Abel Tasman - and then in the Kahurangi.

Life is good... Lots of love, Black Pete.

PS. BIIIIIG thanks to Lois Walker, who made it all happen and made sure it turned out the way it did. Cheers, Lois...