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Motueka is the closest town to the Abel Tasman National Park and you'll find all the ammenities you would expect in a larger town,
with supermarkets, an extensive array of shops and services, artisans, amazing cafes and the Abel Tasman i-SITE Visitor Centre offering friendly advice on the local area and attractions.







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Short of being an astronaut skydiving is the greatest adventure life has to offer.
Make a jump and see for yourself...

Enjoy the flight with stunning views as you climb to altitude over snow-capped mountains, golden beaches and turquoise oceans...paradise. At 16,500ft the aircraft door opens and the fun begins...feel the excitement as your greatest adventure begins...

Our dropzone is ranked within the top 10 greatest skydive operations in the world, Skydive Abel Tasman will give you the best skydive in New Zealand.

If you are nervous and in need of that extra encouragement or perhaps you want the most extreme skydiving experience NZ has to offer, then we can do it all! We are passionate about our sport, our team are personal and friendly and will make this your most memorable experience in New Zealand.

If you want to go solo, or if wish to learn to skydive in New Zealand, Skydive Abel Tasman is the place to do it. Based in NZ's sunshine capital, with stunning scenery, dedicated instructors and advanced training methods in both freefall and canopy skills - you wouldn't want to learn anywhere else!
Skydive Abel Tasman - Hangar One, 16 College Street, Motueka Airport, Motueka, New Zealand
NZ Freephone 0800 422 899   Ph: +64 3 528 4091   Fax: +64 3 528 4092
Email: tandem@skydive.co.nz   Website: www.skydive.co.nz


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Have you ever dreamed of flying a helicopter? This fantastic opportunity gives you the chance to take over the controls and learn how helicopters fly while discovering one of New Zealand's most spectacular sceneries - the Abel Tasman National Park!
You take Control. 30 minutes of Flight Time. Qualified Instructor at your side. DVD or Photos of your flight available. No prior Experience required. Flight time counts towards pilots licence.
U FLY HELI - Queen Victoria Street, Motueka
Freephone (NZ): 0800 835 943
Email: info@uflyheli.co.nz   Website: www.uflyheli.co.nz


Take a helicopter ride to an idyllic remote spot and soak it all in, take a scenic tour on a Cessna, or be delivered to luxurious resorts and retreats the travel world raves about.
Fly directly to your hiking, biking, fishing, hunting or wine tasting destination and put the time saved by flying with us into relishing being there.
We are a team of aviation professionals who are inventive, passionate, and know this area so well we take you places few have seen. It’s non-stop smiles up here, and fun is always on the agenda!
We’re based in Motueka, on the doorstep of New Zealand’s most iconic National Park – the Abel Tasman.
NELSON TASMAN AIR - 20 College Street, Motueka
Freephone (NZ): 0508 223 5247
Email: info@nelsontasmanair.co.nz   Website: www.nelsontasmanair.co.nz



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